READ: Obama’s big speech on the economy

Fonte: The Washington Post
By Zachary Goldfarb
President Obama is giving the first of several big summer speeches on the economy today at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. Here are his prepared remarks, as released by the White House.
Eight years ago, I came here to deliver the commencement address for the Class of 2005. Things were a little different back then. I didn’t have any gray hair, for example. Or a motorcade. I didn’t even have a teleprompter. It was my first big speech as your newest senator, and I spent my time talking about what a changing economy was doing to the middle class – and what we, as a country, needed to do to give every American a chance to get ahead in the 21st century.
The president is making what he bills a big economic speech. (Associated Press)
The president is making what he bills as a big economic speech. (Associated Press)

You see, I’d just spent a year traveling this state and listening to your stories – of proud Maytag workers losing their jobs when their plant moved down to Mexico; of teachers whose salaries weren’t keeping up with the rising cost of groceries; of young people who had the drive but not the money to afford a college education.
They were the stories of families who worked hard and believed in the American Dream, but felt that the odds were increasingly stacked against them. And they were right.
In the period after World War II, a growing middle class was the engine of our prosperity. continua a leggere

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